This Volunteer Agreement is a description of the arrangement between us, Get Me Out The Four Walls (GMOTFW), and you in relation to your voluntary work. The intention of this agreement is to assure you that we appreciate your volunteering with us and to indicate our commitment to do the best we can to make your volunteer experience with us a positive and rewarding one.

Part 1 – Get Me Out The Four Walls Commitment to you

Your Voluntary title is Social Ambassador, and your role is to research and plan at least 2 social meetings/events per calendar month. You are also required to attend a Virtual Ambassador meeting which are held every 4/6 weeks. You are required to have access to social media and the time to commit to advertising your upcoming events and offer support to GMOTFW through monitoring of other linked GMOTFW social media accounts.

We, (GMOTFW) commit to the following:

1. Induction and training

● To provide a thorough induction on the work of GMOTFW, its staff, your volunteering role, and the training necessary to assist you in meeting the responsibilities of your volunteering role. You will be sent a welcome pack which provides full details of the organisation and tips on how to carry out your role.

2. Supervision, support and flexibility

● To define appropriate standards of our services, to communicate them to you, and to encourage and support you to achieve and maintain them as part of your voluntary work.

● To provide a supportive member of staff who will contact you regularly to discuss your volunteering and any associated problems.

● To do our best to help you develop your volunteering role with us and to be flexible in how we use your volunteering.

3. Health and safety

● To provide adequate training and feedback in support of our health and safety policy

4. Insurance

● To provide adequate insurance cover for volunteers whilst undertaking voluntary work approved and authorised by us.

5. Equal opportunities

● To ensure that all volunteers are dealt with in accordance with our equal opportunities policy.

6. Problems

● To endeavour to resolve in a fair and just manner any problems, grievances or difficulties which may be encountered while you volunteer with us;

● In the event of an unresolved problem, to offer an opportunity to discuss the issues.

Part 2 – The volunteer’s commitments to Get Me Out The four Walls.

I agree to commence a voluntary position with Get Me Out The Four Walls and commit to the following:

1. To help GMOTFW fulfil its duty of care to those in need.

2. To perform my volunteering role to the best of my ability.

3. To adhere to the organisation’s rules, procedures and standards, including health and safety procedures and its equal opportunities policy in relation to its staff, volunteers and clients.

4. To maintain the confidential information of the organisation and of its clients.

5. To accept the responsibility of being a representative of GMOTFW and to always uphold our core standards when carrying out your role.

6. To uphold the GMOTFW ethos of being inclusive, welcoming, and non-judgemental always.

7. To meet the time commitments and standards undertaken, other than in exceptional circumstances, or provide reasonable notice so that alternative arrangements can be made.

8. Agree to an enhanced DBS check to be carried out at the expense of GMOTFW and complete mandatory Safeguard and Covid-19 training.

My agreed voluntary time commitment is:

1. To research and plan at least 2 social meetings/events per calendar month.

2. Attend virtual Ambassadors meetings whenever possible, which are held every 4/6 weeks.

3. Have access to social media and time to commit to advertising upcoming events.

4. Offer support and monitoring of GMOTFW social media accounts, where possible.

In the event of leaving Get Me Out The Four Walls

1. Agree to fulfil any meetings planned within the following 2 weeks (In the event of this not being possible please speak to a member of staff)

2. To return any handbooks or uniform to the organisation at the next available opportunity.

3. To complete a Volunteer’s Leaver Form

Please be aware that if an Ambassador has been unable to host meets for 3 consecutive months, this will trigger the leaving process and your voluntary role may be terminated. Please contact a member of staff should you need to take a break from meets for a short period of time.

This agreement is binding in honour only, is not intended to be a legally binding contract between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.

GMOTFW Volunteer Agreement
I have read the GMOTFW Volunteer Agreement in full
I accept my responsibilities listed within the GMOTFW Volunteer Agreement