Hayley (Great Yarmouth)

Hi my name is Hayley and I am a stay at home mum to a toddler with allergies. I am based in Bradwell/Great Yarmouth area. I have a keen interest in art, crafts and vintage. I moved to the area during covid so I am still getting to know the area. I joined GMOTFW as I loved the concept of helping parents get out the house after having a baby. I felt very overwhelmed after having my daughter, especially dealing with her allergies while out the house. I thought what a great way to explore the local area while meeting and supporting other parents. Looking forward to welcoming you to our events.

Beth (Easton)

I’m Beth and mum to a little girl who was born in July 2022! I live in Easton, so will be hosting meets in the Easton and Costessey area. I love knitting, reading and a Costa, so expect some coffee meets! 

Zoe (Wroxham)

Hi, my name is Zoe. I’m a stay at home toddler mum to one. I’m based in the Wroxham/Hoveton area so will be doing lots of park meets and feeding the ducks by the river. We’re a very creative household so I would also be up to doing some crafting sessions too. I’m a very bubbly and outgoing person but also compassionate and a good listener. I became an ambassador because I’ve felt really isolated since having my son and realised I’m not the only one. My main goal is to help other parents escape their four walls and have conversations with other parents who understand their situation.

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Jessica (Holt)

Hi, I’m Jessica, mum to a toddler and a baby (two under two for a while!) and I live near Holt on the north Norfolk coast. My husband and I moved here in 2020, just before our eldest son was born. It was an incredibly lonely and challenging experience becoming a parent in a new place, during COVID, when I didn’t have any local friends. I wish I had known about Get Me Out The Four Walls back then! 

I became an ambassador because I want all parents to get out the house no matter how they feel that day and to know that they have partners in crime in local Norfolk mums and dads. Parenting is hard, really hard, impossible it seems, and it’s OK to say that out loud. 

I will be hosting a variety of meet ups along the coast (from Cromer to Wells). I’m planning some sling walks for baby-wearers, toddler friendly seaside visits, café meets and maybe even some grown-up nights out for food, drink and uninterrupted chat. 

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Sarah (Norwich)

Hi, I will be hosting meets in the Lakenham/Norwich area.

Amie (Norfolk)

I will be hosting Stay and Play sessions at the GMOTFW Hub with my Sling Library (Slings by the Sea), plus hosting meets where I live in Mundesley.

Nikita (Wymondham)

I will be hosting meets in the Wymondham area.

Nicole Ellise (Norwich)

I will be hosting meets in the Norwich/Coltishall area.

Caroline (Norwich)

Hi I’m Caroline and I live in mile cross, Norwich with my husband Martin and kids, Jessica-May, Isabelle and Orion. I don’t drive so most of my meets will be either the Mile Cross/Catton area or in the city centre. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Fern (Norwich)

I’m Fern, I have two children. I’m based in Norwich and most of my meets are within Norwich city centre. I became an ambassador in 2018 after attending meets and finding the Charity so welcoming and helpful in improving my confidence and getting me out.

Louella (North Norfolk)

Hi, I am Louella, mum of one toddler and many animals, I am an industrial designer currently running my own business in the construction industry. I grew up on a smallholding in mid-Norfolk and have been an avid equestrian for over 30 years. I have also recently started a new business offering Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Kids yoga in the Fakenham and Holt area. I am enthusiastic about building communities, combating loneliness, and providing a safe and welcoming space to chat or if you don’t want to chat, a place to be and have time to contemplate. I found becoming a first-time mum quite isolating and challenging and I really want to empower the ethos ‘you are not alone’. I love being out in nature and I will be holding meets in North Norfolk (Fakenham/ Holt Areas).

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Charlotte (Norfolk)
Hi, mum of a little boy. I host meets across Norfolk.

Laura (Norwich)

I’m a single mum of boys. I’m a happy and helpful person and GMOTFW has really helped me meet new mums and dads and get out of the house. I suffer with depression and anxiety so it has been a learning curve for me, and having all these wonderful mums and dads around me made me want to help others – which is why I became an Ambassador!

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Gemma & Stephanie

We host Gardening club every Friday and Lego Club every other Saturday. We also help out around the hub, keeping it tidy and clean.

Emma (Norwich)

Hi, I live in the NR3 area with 2 daughters that are in full time school. I’m a working mum. We love woodland walks and crafts so most of our meets are likely to be either of these. With my girls both at school I hope to also do some child free, coffee meets.

Clair (Norwich)

Hello, I am Clair. I am a single mother of 2 from the Norwich North area. I started my journey by getting support from GMOTFW and now I am an Ambassador for this amazing Charity. I have had mental health issues all my life and on my road to recovery. I hope to be able to help support others though my life experiences and lift you up. I am a happy, bubbly and fun person who will talk to anyone, so feel free to say hi.

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Kelly Fitt (Norwich)

Mum of 4 girls. I host meets across Norwich.

Sophie (Swaffham)

I will be hosting meets across Norfolk with my little girl.

Sophie-Ann (Norwich)

My name is Sophie-Ann I’m a mother of two children. A 4yr old girl and 1yr old boy. I have suffered with postnatal depression with both my children but unfortunately more severe with my son leading to hospital admissions. I’ve survived and overcome lots of situations in life and now want to help and support others. I became very isolated and withdrawn with my PND but now ready to meet new people and help others along the way to get out of their own four walls. I’ve worked touring in a circus, performed in many shows at the hippodrome Gt Yarmouth and theatre royal Norwich, worked in a toy shop an as a fun star and redcoat at haven and Butlins hosting activities, events, and live shows. I’ve completed childcare, health and social, adult mental health courses and currently studying children’s mental health. I love having a chat with other adults, going on walks, being busy & spending time outdoors with my children (especially in the summer). 

Lucinda Terry – (Tasburgh)

Lucinda first became involved with the Charity as a Volunteer Ambassador in April 2016, hosting nearly 60 meets across Norwich and South Norfolk. She became a Volunteer Team Leader for South Norfolk, and eventually a paid employee in January 2020. Having a lived experience of a serious maternal mental illness, she understands the challenges faced by mothers’ following the birth of their children.

Born in Essex, Lucinda moved to Norfolk at the age of 11. She currently lives in Tasburgh, with her husband Trent and two children Ethan & Ava and enjoys going for woodland walks in the local area.