Becky Chrystal
I’m Becky mum of Joseph, I have struggled with social activities since school, I was never one to be centre of attention wouldn’t put my hand up to ask questions as felt myself going bright red. As I grew older my friends settled down and had families of their own and due to struggling with infertility issues I found I would distance myself from them. My four walls were my safe haven the TV and social media were my best friend as well as comfort eating. I then moved away from everything and everyone I knew, out of the Town I grew up in, to move in with my partner, which has again isolated me, not knowing anyone here. I then found the group GMOTFW, it took several attempts for me to attend, but once I did Charlie made me feel welcome and I knew then I wanted to help others in the same situation. I am looking forward to getting out and helping others with social anxiety and also it will do me some good to leave my four walls and meet new people.

Lisa-Marie Cummings

I am a mum to three amazing girls: 13, 8 & 2. I love face painting, cooking, and long walks. I have always loved being around children and have worked with children most my adult life. I am a kind and friendly person who always loves to chat. 

Adam Bond

Hey, my name is Adam (or Adz). I am a stay at home Dad of two girls living in Thetford. I have worked in childcare and education for years and ran my own children’s party and music/storytelling sessions business for a few years. I suffer from mental health issues so getting out of the house and meeting new people was so important to me when I became a stay at home Dad. So, when I discovered GMOTFW I knew I needed to get involved. I look forward to meeting you at any Thetford meets. 

Rachel Thompson

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am really excited (and a tiny, huge bit nervous) to be joining the Get Me Out The Four Walls family. I am a mum of 1 and live with my son and my husband in Loddon. I moved to Norwich in 2005 to complete my teacher training and here I stayed. Despite living here for many years I have never really been one to put myself out there, often finding excuses to not go and meet new people. I  always find myself worrying that I am forcing myself on people. Since having my little boy  this has probably got worse and despite always being busy forcing myself for him to got to classes etc. I have always found myself on the periphery of baby groups/ toddler groups. When I saw GMOTFW were looking for ambassadors I decided to use it as a kick up the bottom and get back out there. I am primary trained (8 years in EYFS) with a particular interest in SEN which has led me to my current dream job in a complex needs school. I also have a particular interest in children’s mental health having fought many of my own battles. I will be arranging meets in the South of Norfolk, towards the coast and along the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

Rebecca Hall

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Mum of two who will be hosting meets in Norwich.

Caroline Fisher
Hi I’m Caroline and I live in mile cross, Norwich with my husband Martin and kids, Jessica-May, Isabelle and Orion. I don’t drive so most of my meets will be either the mile cross/catton area or in the city centre. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Fern Furness
I’m Fern, I have a four year old son who will be starting school this year. I’m based in Norwich and most of my meets are within Norwich city centre. I became an ambassador in 2018 after attending meets and finding the charity so welcoming and helpful in improving my confidence and getting me out.

Hi, I am Louella, mum of one toddler and many animals, I am an industrial designer currently running my own business in the construction industry. I grew up on a smallholding in mid-Norfolk and have been an avid equestrian for over 30 years. I have also recently started a new business offering Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga and Kids yoga in the Fakenham and Holt area. I am enthusiastic about building communities, combating loneliness, and providing a safe and welcoming space to chat or if you don’t want to chat, a place to be and have time to contemplate. I found becoming a first-time mum quite isolating and challenging and I really want to empower the ethos ‘you are not alone’. I love being out in nature and I will be holding meets in North Norfolk (Fakenham/ Holt Areas).

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Hi, mum of a little boy. I host meets in Norfolk, and help host the Support and Play sessions in Sprowston & Necton.

Hayley Howell
Hi, I’m Hayley, I’ve been an Ambassador since early 2016. I live in Taverham with my husband Ant and our five children, Alicia (2002), Kaitlyn (2008), Jack (2006) and twins Charlie and Louis (2014). I host meets all over Norwich and Norfolk. As all my children now go to school I will mainly do breakfast and cafe meets. Please do come along and join me with or without little ones. School holidays I will do meets to suit all ages. Will also try and do some evening meets cinema, dinner etc. Looking forward to meeting you at a meet.

Sherrie Johnson
Hi I am Sherrie and I am an ambassador who lives in the NR3 area. I have two daughters called Elizabeth and Victoria. I am happy to meet people prior to events if you would like a bit of support. I’m also available for any 1-1 support sessions that you may wish to have. I am very passionate about the charity and wanting to get help for parents, as well as enjoying the great outdoors.

Laura Melville
I’m a single mum or two boys, Theo (7 in October) and Albie (2 in July). I’m a happy and helpful person and GMOTFW has really helped me meet new mums and dads and get out of the house. I suffer with depression and anxiety so it has been a learning curve for me, and having all these wonderful mums and dads around me made me want to help others – which is why I became an ambassador!

Martin Fisher
Hi, I’m Martin. I’m a Dad of 3 and have been an Ambassador for a few years now have met some great people through the Charity. I understand how important it is for parents to get out and to find help when they need to. I am looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Emma Barber
Hi, I live in the NR3 area with 2 daughters that are in full time school. I’m a part time student and working mum. We love woodland walks and crafts so most of our meets are likely to be either of these. With my girls both at school I hope to also do some child free, coffee meets

Clair Gaudet

Hello, I am Clair. I am a single mother of 1 from the Norwich North area. I started my journey by getting support from GMOTFW and now I am an Ambassador for this amazing charity. I have had mental health issues all my life and on my road to recovery. I hope to be able to help support others though my life experiences and lift you up. I am a happy, bubbly and fun person who will talk to anyone, so feel free to say hi.

Cat Bond

I am Cat and I am mother to two toddlers and married to Adz who is also an ambassador, together we set up meets in Thetford. I love being involved in the local parent scene, as well as attending other ambassador’s meets when we can and we know first hand what a difference these local meet ups can make.

Kelly Fitt

Mum of three hosting meets in Norwich.