Becky Chrystal
I’m Becky mum of Joseph, I have struggled with social activities since school, I was never one to be centre of attention wouldn’t put my hand up to ask questions as felt myself going bright red. As I grew older my friends settled down and had families of their own and due to struggling with infertility issues I found I would distance myself from them. My four walls were my safe haven the TV and social media were my best friend as well as comfort eating. I then moved away from everything and everyone I knew, out of the Town I grew up in, to move in with my partner, which has again isolated me, not knowing anyone here. I then found the group GMOTFW, it took several attempts for me to attend, but once I did Charlie made me feel welcome and I knew then I wanted to help others in the same situation. I am looking forward to getting out and helping others with social anxiety and also it will do me some good to leave my four walls and meet new people.

Emma Barber
I’m 35 with two girls aged two and four. I’m from the NR3 area, and I became an ambassador because I wanted to help parents feel less alone in the craziness of child raising.
I was in a situation a long time ago where the outcome could have been a lot different if there had been a charity like Get Me Out The Four Walls to help me with PND.

Ian Barber
Hi my name is Ian and I’m from the NR3 area. I have two young daughters. I currently hold Lego club on a monthly basis and hope to hold more regular meets in the future.

Terri Batchelor
Hi I’m Terri, I live in Norwich city centre with my three children Holly, Phoenix and Erika. I will be arranging meets in and around the city and now that I can drive I will be arranging meets further afield. Please feel free to contact me anytime and if you would like to meet up before any scheduled meets then please do not hesitate to say so. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Maxine Butler
Hi I’m Maxine. I have three children Bailey (2002), Molly (2014) and Freya (2017). I live in Gorleston and do meets in Gorleston or Great Yarmouth with fellow ambassador Kim Holmes. I don’t drive as of yet so most of my meets are either with Kim or I do ones close enough to walk or bus, hopefully will be learning at some point so will be able to do meets further afield. Anyone local have any ideas for a meet please let me know, don’t be afraid to make suggestions. The more places the better, free or not.

Caroline Fisher
Hi I’m Caroline and I live in mile cross, Norwich with my husband Martin and kids, Jessica-May, Isabelle and Orion. I don’t drive so most of my meets will be either the mile cross/catton area or in the city centre. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Fern Furness
I’m Fern, I have a four year old son who will be starting school this year. I’m based in Norwich and most of my meets are within Norwich city centre. I became an ambassador in 2018 after attending meets and finding the charity so welcoming and helpful in improving my confidence and getting me out.

Amber Goss
I have three children aged 7, 5 & 11 months. I discovered GMOTFW after having my third baby and finding motherhood extremely isolating! I am based in the Kings Lynn area and I am also a trainee therapist.

Jeanette Gowing
Hi, so I’m Jeanette, mummy to Orion. I will be doing meets in and around Norwich. I’m the nice kind of crazy, hair colour changes generally seasonally but never a colour you won’t see from miles away. Looking forward to meeting new people and having fun times.

Kim Holmes
Hi I’m Kim and I’m based in Gorleston. I work part time and I have two girls Isabelle and Jasmine. I like to do a variety of meets, local, little further, inside, outside, free and costing and the odd child free meet. Suggestions are always welcome.

Hayley Howell
Hi, I’m Hayley, I’ve been an Ambassador since early 2016. I live in Taverham with my husband Ant and our five children, Alicia (2002), Kaitlyn (2008), Jack (2006) and twins Charlie and Louis (2014). I host meets all over Norwich and Norfolk. As all my children now go to school I will mainly do breakfast and cafe meets. Please do come along and join me with or without little ones. School holidays I will do meets to suit all ages. Will also try and do some evening meets cinema, dinner etc. Looking forward to meeting you at a meet.

Hannahmae Jeffries
Hello my name is Hannah and I live in Hingham. I have a daughter Riley (2016). I will be doing meets in and around my area and I look forward to meeting you.

Sherrie Johnson
Hi I am Sherrie and I am an ambassador who lives in the NR3 area. I have two daughters called Elizabeth and Victoria. I am happy to meet people prior to events if you would like a bit of support. I’m also available for any 1-1 support sessions that you may wish to have. I am very passionate about the charity and wanting to get help for parents, as well as enjoying the great outdoors.

Caroline Jones
Hello my name’s Caroline. I am one of the city ambassadors, I make meets for in and around the city. I became an ambassador as I wanted to help other mums/dads/carers get out of the house like it helped me. I am so glad I joined this group in 2016 then became an ambassador in 2017.
If you are feeling nervous feel free to drop me a message and we can arrange to meet beforehand if you like. My husband sometimes comes on meets but mainly just me and Emily, I have a little boy called Finley who is at school. Hope to see you soon.

Aimee Kate
Hello! My name is Aimee and I live south of Attleborough with my husband Henry, Darius, stepson Connor and Jasper. I’ve done meets in this local area and further afield. I’m hoping to include some weekend meets to help get my older two off technology and encourage whole families out and enjoying some time together! I hope to see some of you soon.

Laura Melville
I’m a single mum or two boys, Theo (7 in October) and Albie (2 in July). I’m a happy and helpful person and GMOTFW has really helped me meet new mums and dads and get out of the house. I suffer with depression and anxiety so it has been a learning curve for me, and having all these wonderful mums and dads around me made me want to help others – which is why I became an ambassador!

Cherie Miller
My name is Cherie, I’m a stay at home mum, and my little girl Evie was born in 2018. We live in Thetford and we love all kinds of activities, indoors or outdoors. Please feel free to contact us if you fancy doing anything together.

Jenna Owen
Hi I’m Jenna and I have two boys. I live in Aylsham and will be planning meets in the north Norfolk area. Looking forward to meeting you.

Lucy Pates
My name is Lucy, I have three children; Lily who is about to start high school and twins Jack and Harry. I am a single mum and one of the Norwich ambassadors; I became an ambassador because life can become very lonely when you have young children, so I found it a lovely way to actually get to meet new people, most people seem to vanish when you have little ones!
I am always willing to help out where I can, I’m a qualified personal trainer so I’m hoping to arrange some classes where children can be involved too in the near future at Castle Mall as one of my meets, I usually have meets either around Norwich or Whitlingham.

Rachel Spalding
I’m a 40 year old single mum to two boys. One is 14 years old the other is 14 months old, I’m currently a stay at home parent, I’m retraining and doing a maths course to better my job chances. I’m from Lowestoft, easy going and very friendly.

Fiona Taylor
I’m Fiona and I live in Taverham with my husband Nick and son Matthew (2017). I’ve been an ambassador since January 2018, and I organise meets in and all around Norwich and Norfolk. I hope to see you at a meet soon!

Lucinda Terry
Hi, my name is Lucinda and I have two children: Ethan (Sept 2014) and Ava (May 2018). I live in Tasburgh, and do a mix of Norwich and South Norfolk meets.

Nikki Todd
Hi, my name is Nikki and I am one of the ambassadors. I have a little boy named Elijah (2016) and we live in Holt. I mainly do meets around the Holt area, including park meets and swimming.
I suffer with PND and I found it quite hard to leave the house, until I found Get Me Out The Four Walls. At first I was quite nervous about going to meets but the ambassadors put my mind at ease.
My decision to become an ambassador was because there were no local ambassadors to me and I couldn’t drive so I wasn’t able to get to meets very easily. Being an ambassador has helped me build my confidence up and has helped me meet new people, which I never thought I would do.