Our Mission

Get Me Out The Four Walls was created to ensure that no mother, father or carer feels alone and isolated at home after the birth of their children. By creating informal social meets we aim to give as many people in Norfolk the opportunity to escape their house and meet others which we believe helps prevent the on-set of Maternal Mental Illness such as Post Natal Depression and to help aid stabilisation of mental health and social prescription. We also strive to support as many mothers that become known to us that are struggling with a mental illness by offering 1 to 1 peer support and post natal depression specific social meets delivered by our friendly non-judgemental ambassadors.

Get Me Out The Four Walls is a registered Maternal Mental Health charity based in Norfolk that offers Informal Social Meets around the county for Mothers, Fathers, and Carers to attend. We believe that by being given the opportunity to escape your four walls and to interact with other parents helps prevent the feeling of loneliness and isolation you may feel as a new parent. We believe this can help prevent the on-set of mental health problems as well as to help stabilise an existing mental health problem by offering peer support. The social meets are open to anyone regardless of whether you have an existing mental health condition or not. For those that may have been diagnosed with a mental health condition we also offer 1 to 1 meets and specific support social meetings hosted by our dedicated friendly ambassadors.