Get Me Out The Four Walls was created in 2015 as a community based peer support service, with the aim of preventing parents feeling isolated and lonely during the first years of parenthood.

Our founder, Naomi Farrow, had been experiencing post natal depression following the birth of her twin girls in 2014 and wanted to use her experience to connect with other parents who may be experiencing similar issues or simply wanted to make a friend. Naomi created a group on Facebook to find local parents who were isolated and lacking from social interaction with whom she could escape the lonely four walls with for a friendly chat. Due to demand for meets, Naomi began recruiting “Volunteer Ambassadors” to help with organising meets, to spread the word of the organisation and offer support to those in need.

The organisation went on to become a registered Charity in March 2018, dedicating their service to those parents who feel isolated and providing them with a safe and supportive environment to connect with other and get support.

Get Me Out The Four Walls now offers peer support and informal social meets for parents and carers, living in Norfolk and Suffolk, to overcome social isolation. Our informal social meets are organised by our team of Volunteer Ambassadors. We offer support through information, advice, and guidance. We utilise the local network of voluntary organisations to signpost parents and carers towards additional support.

If you are a parent or carer living in Norfolk or Suffolk, head over to our closed Facebook groups for peer support and information about our social meets and online events.

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PND Support Group –

Dads – Get Me Out The Four Walls – Dads offers a supportive, inclusive and free space for Dad’s to connect with others and access information and support on men’s mental health. Members of our Ambassador team will be posting regular updates of services available, topical chats and a monthly virtual meet up for Dad’s to connect and chat.