1. Social Meets

The frontline service of Get Me Out The Four Walls is our Social Meets hosted by our Volunteer Ambassadors. These are held in various locations across Norfolk & Suffolk. Café’s, Parks, Soft Play Centres, and many other locations.

We also offer a variety of free activities hosted within empty units at Castle Quarter, Norwich, such as Bounce and Rhyme sessions, Lego clubs, Messy Play and more. We hope to roll this out to similar locations in the future.

  1. Virtual Social Meets

Offering parents, the opportunity to interact with our team of Virtual Ambassadors from the comfort of their homes with various online provisions such as chats and quizzes.


  1. Support and Play Sessions

Free Support & Play Sessions, which combine activities for children with Signposting, Support, and access to other Services.


4. PND/Mental Health Support

Our Facebook PND Support group is used as a forum for mothers who need additional Peer Support. This group is for those who think they may be suffering, or have been diagnosed with PND or any other maternal mental illnesses. You can post on the group to gain Peer Support from others. We also offer online social events on the page, including our weekly Mental Health Support sessions on Zoom, covering various weekly topics, plus general Peer Support.