1. The Meets

We run around 40 meets a months for mums, dads and carers wanting to get out of their four walls in Norfolk and Suffolk (UK). We have more than 25 active ambassadors on hand to make you feel welcome. View our social site for a full list.

2. PND Support

Our Facebook postnatal depression group is a closed group used as a forum for mothers who have been diagnosed with PND and any other maternal mental illnesses. This also applies to people who believe they maybe suffering as well. Offering a daily lifeline and a handful of PND social meets where mums can open up about how they feel.

3. Treatment

NORFOLK ONLY: In severe cases, Get Me Out The Four Walls will fund private treatment for mothers with associated maternal mental illness from birth. An NHS referral for one to one counselling can take up to 11 weeks; we aim to get mums an appointment within seven days. 

We are currently offering private treatments, which include counselling and acupuncture.

Please email referrals@getmeout.org.uk if either you or a loved one would like to find out more about treatment